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salamu tu

Posted on: July 12, 2013

It has been 4 years since I blogged,3 1/2 years since i became a wifey and 21/2 years after i became a mommy.i have completely forgotten how to do this.i cant say am back not that i don’t have anything to say,just i liked been anonymous and that stopped at some point and opening a new blog just seemed like a lot of  work(am rolling my eyes too) anywhoo  incase you stop by and wonder what happened to me : Am still me happier,more sure of myself,have lesser friends, still in love with an amazing guy.,there were a few rough times but i got through them scathed and grateful.

I sometimes read what wrote all those years ago and am amazed at how I  have grown,maybe I’ll pop in when I find time,I feel like this blog is an old friend I  lost touch with and that guilt will maybe bring me back.

so my old friends i hope life has treated you well and will continue to do so.see you maybe.

love ,



2 Responses to "salamu tu"

glad you are ok…you even sound hoping you stay on i have always wondered if you are ok.

HI Mama one day at time .thanks for stopping by.

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