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she’s back

Posted on: August 18, 2008

st 18, 2008

“when life deals you lemons ,get a grip and make some lemonade!”someone famous-said that..i think.

so if you’ve been wondering what i have been doing ,i was trying to make lemonade but all i keep getting is some sour mixture that you’d have to be high on something before you drink it. the last six months have been the hardest, saddest times of my’s hard watching you life fall apart knowing that nothing you’d do or say could  fix it.but am back up.well sort of but i feel and look better than i have in days so i guess big b is back !….everyone who been checking- in thank you for the concern.


19 Responses to "she’s back"

welcome back. who were you again? 🙂

nice to meet your image. *dead*

you were gone for too long. glad you are back, feeling better and having sorted yourself out.

((((((((((((((((( YOU)))))))))))))))))))))) glad that you are back! And pole for thehard times! hope things get much much better for you.. And Yes you were missed

hey lovely, welcome back. this is mona by the way, changed my blog name and url… make the adjustment in your blog roll…lol! anyway keep posting galfriend want to keep reading.

About time. the drama of life is just life being life. Glad to have you back. Chin up! {{{B}}}

i so totally feel you ! i shall be back soon as well..imissed u terribly 🙂

You came back and disappeared again.

Lovely smile.

Welcome back. I hope things are well sorted.

Karibu karibu (3 weeks later). YOU WERE MISSED and POLE for the mishaps! And nice to meet you…. dont disappear again

Hey you! finally I find you! gogetter from Kenyanblogger remember. Ati umekuwa wapi??

Finally, didn’t even spot you were back.

we missed you saaaaaaaaaaaana…and glad you came back with a pleasant surprise.(((((((((((((((((wow))))))))))))

yeiiii!!!! Finally we can stop Xs from asking random questions about your disappearance..good to have u back

You do have quite a big smile… keep smilin

I’m backer than you are back, coz I am back for real.

pole about the sour lemonade. Yeah life does that sometimes. Glad that you were able to stay afloat. Be strong and fight on!

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