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Posted on: March 20, 2008

while i was away people got busyt asking me things:

Iwont post the rules since we all know them by heart 🙂

here goes: 

1. Ihad penile envy for the longest time.
2. Ihave issues with my legs:am flat footed so everyone can tell when am going or coming    since i make a patter patter sound,my tumagoroes are way way lighter than my face so when am in something short i end up getting funny looks like no-you didnt-bleach-your-legs-and-forgot-to-do-the-face
3. I waited till i was 24 to have sex.
4  I get very anal when am javing and someone spills over to my seat.i mean why bother to  divide the seats if you are going to seat anywhere anyway?
5. my natural hair is curly and soft.and they made me cut it in high school(now you know why i dont miss that School)only for it to grow back curlier than ever…
6.when i first started reading novels i listed them until i got to # 1000 since then i think i have trippled the amount coz i read absolutely anything i come across plus I have my own library which was started by my dad when i was 11.

i wont tag anyone since tume jizinguka .


26 Responses to "tagged i was…."

Thanks for sharing. 1000 plus books? i need to get reading!
what this is when you start *smh* 🙂

i like number 3…way to go…as of novels, am addicted to, anything with written literature on it, i read!
tuko wengi!

So how did you overcome the penis envy?
after realising that nothing was ever going to cahnge my situation 🙂
Till 24? Hmm…! You were patient!
i figured MR right was a myth ,so chose a candiate and did my thing,,,,

Is it curly and soft elsewhere as well? 🙂

The novels, I too tryb to read as many books as I can, I have enrolled to some certain Library on Kimathi Street where I read as many books as I can, leisure and academic in a month for 1500… and I buy a book monthly, its a really good thing… Keep it alive.
i hope those ones are relaible.the one in my esto decided ati he can stop the LIb just like that…and he dissaperared with all the bestsellers we had to give to join… i still cuss him to date
kwanza you, si you start another blog like this?

dang 24 mad props!!!
and i would have stayed longer if MR perfect hadnt become a legend

you are back

i hope so..

I feel u on the novels part. . .i read almost evrythng. 24? Damn gal, madd props!!

I feel u on the novels part. . .i read almost evrythng. 24? Damn gal, madd props!! Nice nice

I feel #4 SO much! And #5…Mine’s the same, but the quantity is unmanageable so I relaxed it 3 years ago, no complaints so far.
sadly i realised that soft hair makes very whack locks so am back to braiding…am not so big on relaxing since it somehow alway backfires 🙂 welcome to my page,

Penile envy i have had
frustrating huh?

Umm and why will they make you cut your natural curly hair…i hate Kenyan schools for that too..!!
apparently i was wasting time “beautifying”” myself.but i think it was a mission to bring me down or s’thing guessed right my school wasny a PO box NRB ,so those tu shagsmodos had issues with me big time…

interesting read.!

24, Jeez, 19 seemed much.
at 19 i didnt know a lot coz i had had a sheltered upbringing …

24 ******whistle*** cobwebs cobwebs…haha
anyway, i like the way read. if it is contagious, please come and leave with me 🙂
na uache kulost hivo bana is vvvvvvvvvvp???
i hope am back for good now …you can say that s*** hit fan .thing arent working as they should

sasa ukivaa swimming costume, si you’ll look like you got a raw deal at the tanning station…ehehehehe
thats why you’ll never catch me in one 🙂

penile envy? ooooookay!
in the sense that i wished i was a dude

reading’s cool…planning to start a ka-lib like this…
see me side ways i tell you where to get good deals….

Even me I’m wondering about the penile envy thing…errrmmmm..why???
i always thought i was boy intil someone broke the news to me.+ l also have a guys name+ being brought up with boys i think contributed to this
About the legs…hmmm…chapa sunscreen on ur face..wear a hate..the sit in the sun with ur legs exposed….
tried that but the tan disapeares after a while!

Love reading too..I even stopped counting..

About waiting till you were 24…wooohoo….I’m impressed 🙂

clearly my spelling has gone to the dogs…I meant; wear a hat…then sit in the

can’t believe you read all those books…sex at 24? damn…i feel like an illiterate sex maniac compared to you…

Reading is a very good hobby I have spats of psyche when I buy lots of books then I relax.
24 is ok there are no extra marks awarded for starting earlier.

Hi there, long time dont see you in kenyanblogger anymore. I think we share love for books, i have a long list too. abt #3 ? well…

good to see you back… hope all’s well.

pls come back, we miss you.

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hey, i have also read 1000+ books, most of them novels, only like 3 inspirational/motivational…7 habits of higly effective teens, gifted hands and think big, all courtsey of my mother…

i read my first novel at 11 too, in class six, but can’t say i had penile envy or anything of the sort…

lucky me i got uniform skin, but still i never wear shorts

Sending out a search party for this one too!

wow! i really need to know how you read that much consistently. i like writing but dnt read much. how weird is that?i used to read alot uptill i finished campus then i dont know what happened…

i am an avid reader, classics mostly but on most days anything will do, i waited will i was 25(almost) and in the matatu i tell the person, mostly men, to move their legs quick!

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