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while i was away people got busyt asking me things:

Iwont post the rules since we all know them by heart ūüôā

here goes: 

1. Ihad penile envy for the longest time.
2. Ihave issues with my legs:am flat footed so everyone can tell when am going or coming    since i make a patter patter sound,my tumagoroes are way way lighter than my face so when am in something short i end up getting funny looks like no-you didnt-bleach-your-legs-and-forgot-to-do-the-face
3. I waited till i was 24 to have sex.
4  I get very anal when am javing and someone spills over to my seat.i mean why bother to  divide the seats if you are going to seat anywhere anyway?
5. my natural hair is curly and soft.and they made me cut it in high school(now you know why i dont miss that School)only for it to grow back¬†curlier than ever…
6.when i first started reading novels i listed them until i got to # 1000 since then i think i have trippled the amount coz i read absolutely anything i come across plus I have my own library which was started by my dad when i was 11.

i wont tag anyone since tume jizinguka .