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it’s my birthday!

Posted on: February 22, 2008

it my birthday in exactly 6 hrs y’all!

yeah its my birthday!

am so so excited!!!!!!

can you feel the enthusiam? before anyone starts spreading any rumours let me just state that am still in my mid twenties 🙂

am currently on vacation and am seeing people are tagging i’ll get back to y’all in a week or two….

in other news am just from a wedding where this guy(kenyan and bride(rwandese)exchanged thier first kiss at the alter! so am thinking how do this people profess there love?if you dont belive i’ll post thier website soon you see for you self.

ps.i caught the boquet but a chic wrestled it from and i have this scar on my wrist to show for it .

so happy birthday me! hope you have many more and you make smart resolutions.have a good weekend all.

pps.happy birthday UNYC i think yours was


18 Responses to "it’s my birthday!"

and here hoping you have a great birthday, one as excited as you are. Many happy returns

happy birthday bryjoe, jienjoy to the maximum.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (that’s me shouting)…..

Sasa how do i send an iGift???

Happy B’day! Hope my gift reached there! ha ha
Pole for the scar!

For sure Chiquita, feeling that hyped enthusiasm today! Happy Birthday, make it a great day & a greater year ahead.

Hey Happy B’day! and have many more.

twenty what again… well enjoy, it comes but once every life time. I’m tagging you too as a birthday present. Cheers!

Happy Birthday…
Eish who knew Kenyans were so eagerto get married mpaka they have to hustle for the bouquet! Gangsta gangsta!

yaaani, ulipigania bouquet? that eager are we?

happy birthday, and many many many happy returns. i can see you are happy, just keep it going….most blessings.

Happy be-lated birthday gal! Hope u had a blast. . . Bk to the weddin issue. . .ati the couple exchanged their first kiss on their wedding?? Kwani wat have they been doing? Holding handz to show their love?? Tsk!

Happy belated birthday, and may you blow thousands and thousands of candles in your lifetime.

Happy birthday to you!!! Have a blessed year ahead… and yeah, these tagged maneno sent me tagging you! So iz how?

Happy Belated. Hope you enjoyed full muenjoyo.

A very belated happy birthday!

I have some friends stateside who did the same. Exchanged their first kiss at the alter.

I was told of this woman who was determined to catch the flowers. In her quest, the dress she was wearing answered to the call of gravity, revealing her bossom in all it’s glory (the bridesmaids had to wear a dress that wouldn’t permit them to have bra’s on, for some weird reason). And it was all caught on video.

birthday’s in february and you can’t pronounce it…lmao! and that exchanging first kiss at the altar sounds kind of gay…but that’s just me…enjoy your vacation and sorry i can’t get you a gift…when you get back holla, i will buy you some nappy love at my local…


Happy belated bday….> now i know the date and next year i will be the first to wish you all the blessings. Now this mambo of catching flowers needs lots of skill…and if you are not ready to get married don’t get scratched for it…..> and those mambo of first kiss on the altar is scary…what if she or he is a bad kisser…you know those ones who kiss with the teeth or bit your lips or give you some sloppy kisses…..and to make matters worse you have said i do. And brothers seem to be doing good…Rwandese chic for a brother…no more comments…just wish me luck as i plan to take a trip to Rwanda in a few months.

happy b day brye..u are now growing to be a years older than me 😦

lol! that gal really wanted the bouquet bad huh!

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