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if i knew this was going to be such a hot week i’d never had taken my far i have managed to go to like three towns in this heat.i have a had a of of fun seeing some godforsaken places ,met a few interesting people..done some madhambis i would never tell even if my life depended on it :0)
i came back to town yesterday and found that one of the boys has let go of his mothers aproan strings and got his own ka hao..he doesnt own anything and was asking advice on how to go about getting stuff.after we all agreed that the basics were a cooker/some dishes then a fridge plus a bed.i then sugggested geting a sofa from a guy i knew then the gang was like”hell no!”they went on to explain that its easier getting sum ass from a chick who’s on your bed than on your sofa as the amount of begging would be shorter.
when will men understand that we are always in control?!

so travelling a few more towns for the next week,commit some more “sins”

so be good people



my new hood….hope you’ve come with your own poison 🙂 ..

feel free to walk around ,keep your hands where i can see them….. trying this place out for a while if i like i stay,if i get lost……..

Baba Cedric was my neighbor upto until a year ago. He didn’t move on his own accord though, one day his missus and him decided, “to reduce each others matharau” and fought outside while the whole block watched. Talk about washing your dirty linen in public! Some folks had to cover their tois eyes coz he ripped his wife’s dress until she was half naked .

I had never seen anyone beat up their wife before this.

The couple had two-step kids (mama Cedric came with one and Baba Cedric the other) and one of their own )

Where was i? ah yes … of the step-sons (the mathes) ingilaid the fight ,hurling more x-rated obsenities than his parents combined and he had exchaged a few blows with him before the watchy and other neighbors stopped the family feud.

Needless to say that was just one ugly scene and the family was evicted the next day, and as shameless as they are they moved to the next-door apartments (still intact) so technically we are still neighbors. And meet from time to time ,say hi and move on….

So, on Saturday am at the common kiosk and Ba Cedric comes to buy gaf and we exchange niceties. As expected I ask about his family and he opens Pandora’s box and informs me that the wife had moved out like the month before after another of their ugly fights and he had tried to get her back home but she was “feeling sweet for him” but assured me that she would be home before the month is up .He asks me back to his house for a drink and I politely decline, he then asks me to meet later for drink which I also decline. At this point am not liking him very much and start to walk away then he informs me that he’d come call me when he got home in the evening so we could keep each other company…(I don’t know how to express the emotion I was feeling at that moment so I just walk away-is there a stronger word than loathe?) about thirty minutes later am out with Leo (Mr. bryjoe) and decide to go back to his place for the night.

Later Ba cedric sends me a text that says” si you are coming tu spend the night with me? Am ready for you ”wtf!….

Thank God Leo doesn’t touch my phone.

I reply with a “ when hell freezes over!!!!” and he still doesn’t get the point And texts back with a ” kwani you are shy? Basi wacha I come to your house” .
Am guessing he went to my house and missed my behind and that’s when he called for like 15 mins before giving up.

Am still seething wondering how such an idiot is allowed to breath the same air as everyone else.and no i have never in the past flirted or gotten textual with Ba Cedric…

On to other manenos:

I met the strangest jungu lady on Sunday. She is my Ol mans pal and she told me her Dogs were named after parents. Then I asked her who she named her kids after she says she preferred dogs to popping kids.(no kids) Then I asked another why and she said something like this:

{Sweetie ,why anyone has children is beyond me, you get everything from a dog you’d get from a child ,plus total acceptance and absolute gratitude .I have never met a grateful child. have you?}

At this point my dad was laughing his head off saying he understood what she meant….only on Gods green earth!

ps. my latest blog did a dissapearing act and i wasn’t able to retrieve it as i had d typed it online

pps.i finally told Leo i loved him..and no i didnt get off BT…

ppps..aint love grand ?

Am totally obsessed with this guy (John Stephens)can someone get me his number?